You can use your microfiber cloth dry to rally them up after which brush the cloth out into the garbage. You don’t have to do that,but I hate dealing with hair when I’m cleaning – particularly if it’s wet and stuck to my cloth.Start using the Dusting* Using the microfiber cloth DRY,dust anything that needs it (eg.,lights,sconces,knick-knacks,etc.)* Shake or brush the cloth off well into the toilet or garbage* If you have a microfiber Dusting Mitt,clearly one can utilize it instead. Use the Dusting Mitt DRY.Move to Mirrors and Windows* Clean the mirror first. I like to spray or splash a modest amount of water to the mirror after which just wipe it clean using the microfiber Cloth.* For dirtier mirrors,dampen the whites of the microfiber cloth,clean the mirror using the damp side after which wipe having a dry side. The drier the cloth,the less streaks on the mirror.* If you have a Window Cloth,utilize it instead of the microfiber cloth. For a streak-free shine,clean dirty surface first having a moist microfiber Cloth,then polish using the Window Cloth. On less dirty surfaces,simply spray water on the surface and polish using the dry Window Cloth.* Clean your windows much the same way because you just cleaned the mirror. TIP: If you have a screen in your window,you are able to dust it with either a dry microfiber Cloth or even a microfiber Dusting Mitt. The Dusting Mitt might be a more plush and will get into the wee screen holes.Countertops and Sinks* Dampen your entire microfiber cloth and fold it in two after which in two again (to have 8 cleaning sides)* Remove from the superior of the counter,wiping them clean because you do this.* Then wipe down your entire countertop,sink,faucet and fixtures. I usually utilize the cloth quite damp to begin with after which wring against each other and wipe everything as dry as possible.* If used flat (not balled up) a microfiber cloth will grab all of the dirt and bacteria in and around your sink. By wringing against each other well and giving everything a final “drying” wipe,you’ll take up most of the excess water where bacteria would rather grow.* Continue on the front and sides of the cabinet,such as cabinet knobs.Remember,you are able to stop and rinse the cloth out anytime. If it gets especially dirty,use a modest amount of dish soap to scrub it.Tub and ShowerThe great thing about cleaning without chemicals is that you are able to undertake it any time you’re in the tub or shower. Wipe everything down having a wet microfiber cloth ahead of you get out along with your tub/shower is clean and ready for an additional person.* Starting at the wall furthest away from the shower head/faucet,wipe down your entire wall all the way through. If the wall is wet,you may want to wring the cloth out occasionally mainly because it does not work also if it is too packed with water.* Continue avoiding the tub,paying special care about the grout. Microfiber works very well on grout.* As you get closer and nearer to the faucet and bottom of the walls,you may observe that the cloth will drag more – what you and then there is more soap scum or mineral build-up.* Microfiber cloths works wonderfully on glass shower doors. If there is substantial soap scum develop,it several cleanings using the cloth to remove it and you may want to buy a bottle of the Descaler. For streak-free glass doors,do as instructed for mirror and window cleaning above.* Remember to eliminate the soap dish/shelf. Change cleaning sides or provide cloth an excellent rinse after cleansing the soap dish before continuing.* Wring the cloth out effectively again,and check out the faucets and chrome.* Re-fold the cloth and ultizing a whole new surface clean the tub,starting using the part furthest from your faucet. As using the walls,you will have no trouble identifying and then there is more build-up,when it can be clean,simply by how easily the cloth moves across the surface.* It’s not necessary,but I usually provide cloth another good wringing out quickly wipe any moisture off of the walls and tub.Cleaning the FloorIf your bathrooms is small or else you just desire to spot wash it,rinse the microfiber cloth out after cleansing the tub,wring against each other well,and clean a floor.


This is helpful for all flooring type,of course,if it’s well wrung on the market is going to be next to no moisture,residue or streaks forgotten.Toilet CleaningAfter cleansing the floor,rinse your microfiber cloth out well with hot water and a little dish soap.TIP: Pour a sizable bowl of water into the toilet. This will force most of the water out of the toilet bowl,making it easier to scrub it thoroughly.* Starting having a clean side of the cloth,wipe the superior and sides of the water tank. Then,clean the superior and bottom of the toilet seat,or more the edges of the toilet bowl. Lastly,the rim and interior of the toilet bowl. Don’t forget underneath the rim too!* The Norwex Enviro (microfiber) Cloth features a silver agent woven into it that kills bacteria,but don’t forget,it will require 3-4 hours to the silver agent in the Enviro Cloth to eliminating the bacteria. I recommend rinsing against each other well with dish soap and waiting some hours before while using the cloth after cleaning your toilet. If your microfiber cloth is not Norwex,it doesn’t contain the silver agent and will not kill bacteria. -